Jamila Green is a Brooklyn based stylist and founder of the Check & Balances clothing line. Checks & Balances celebrates Jamila’s passions for social justice and fashion. Checks & Balances values the authenticity & passions of the person who wears it.


"Checks & Balances" was inspired by the political jargon for a separation of power, a system in which the three branches of government are unable to overpower one another. However the political climate since 2016 has proved this system to be imbalance and corrupt; plaguing the so called “free world.” This in turn has left chaos in our society, and mistrust in the very people who govern our society.


Checks & Balances stands for justice. Checks & Balances stands for peace. Checks &Balances stands for eliminating corruption. The Lady of Justice symbolizes the purpose of the Checks & Balances Founder, Jamila Green to bring justice to the world through her collections; standing firm in conviction for one day making a difference in the government & our society. Wearing Checks & Balances is feeling a sense of empowerment, self confidence, and self awareness.
In the future, Checks & Balances will have an active non-for profit branch of the business that is dedicated to better the lives of disenfranchised youth, families, and individuals who are down on their luck, and in need of aid. In the past few years, the Checks & Balances team has participated in a turkey drive at the Stockholm shelter, four backpack drives and a toy drive as an effort to give back to the community while creating distinct clothing.